A good Samaritan offers the single father with a bed while he and his four children sleep on the fhelp watch (video)

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A Good Samaritan made the choice to help the single parent after learning about the dire living circumstances his family was in.

Because he couldn’t afford a mattress, the guy and his four children had been sleeping on the bare floor in their home for years.

His story was shared on a social networking site, and other visitors to the public forum expressed sympathy for him.

Due to their dissatisfaction with having to sleep on the floor, a social media user made the decision to purchase the man, his children, and themselves a mattress, pillows, and a bed sheet.

The father delivered the items to the family to ensure they have a comfortable place to lie down.

The good Samaritan claimed that the man slept comfortably after discovering that the family wouldn’t have to sleep on the bare floor any longer and provided before and after photos of the man with his children after they received the bed.

He said:

“I slept so well last night knowing that this beautiful family is no longer sleeping on the floor. It can only be God”.

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