Attack on Singer Portable’s sister at his bar results in multiple injuries, and she is taken to the hospital (Video)

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Controversial After being attacked with his older sister in his Lagos bar, Odogwu Restaurant, Nigerian artist Habeeb Okikiola, well known by his stage name Portable, is once more making headlines.

The musician was attacked by Oke-Osa Boiz and was hospitalized after suffering multiple injuries, according to a video posted by Portable.

A few days prior, when visiting the Gambia, Portable released a loving video of himself and his wife, Ewatomi Omobewaji.

She claims that this group of individuals had been physically abusing her sister to the point where he was forced to go from the Gambia to Nigeria.

He said that the Oke-Osa Boiz began assaulting her sister when she was dining at his restaurant, and because he wouldn’t accept it, he wound up getting hurt along with his sister.

He claimed that he had provided assistance to one of the members of the Oke-Osa Boiz on multiple occasions, paying for his child’s naming ceremony, hospital bills, and the purchase of a motorcycle for him in order to stab him in the back.

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