How to watch Netflix videos on your Android phone easily

A lot of people are finding it difficult to watch movies on their phones which most people end of going to cinema to watch it all with alot of people out their. And some people normal used to find YouTube application and enter it and start searching for the films they want to watch, which it doesn’t work like that.

Production companies don’t normally used to upload films on YouTube rather than they have a website on their on which you need to subscribe before watching their movies online, samething with Netflix application.

Netflix make it easier for everyone around the world to watch movies from various part of the world anywhere they are and inside nextflix app their are alot of categories of movies, like love movies, action movies, horro movies, advanture movies and more.

All what you have to do is get an email address and your bank card then take your phone off if you are using iPhone you can enter “App store” whil if you are using android you can enter “Play store” and then type in “Netflix” then it will pop up, then start downloading it.

After downloading it the next step is to install and open the app it will show you the home page which you have to make your payment first before watching any movie online.

Use your ATM card to fill of the form and select the plan you want to used either the monthly plan or the yearly plan to start enjoying the movies from anywhere around the world.

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