“I can’t go back to Kajala”- A Ghanian Singer known As Harmonize Took To Social Media And Tell Womens His Opinions Out (watch)

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The singer took to social media to tell women that he is single, available and not going back to Kajala.

“They keep asking me everyday and the question that really hurts me is when people ask whether we are gonna go back together. Lol, girls, life has to go on, I need to get loved again. Nyie Vipi?” He wrote on Instagram stories.

It will be remembered that Harmonize begged Kajala to go back to him after they split. The singer even put up billboards to say sorry. He went on to buy her two Range Rovers.

(I’m not here to defend myself or for pity. It’s true, I did wrong and I’ve found out where I went wrong, I am not righteous. I have wronged my family, my siblings, and my friends. To do a mistake is not wrong, to repeat the mistake is wrong….).

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