“I’m addicted to snatch1ng husb¢nds” –Nigerian Young lady seeks help over her behavior (watch)

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A Nigerian lady identified simply as Sandra has cried out for help over her habit of sl€ping with other women’s husb¢nd.

She said that she can not stop st€aling m¢n from their wives but she does lose interest in a man the moment he leaves his partner for her and she thinks it’s a problem that requires a therpist.

Sandra said; “I have a very big problem. Is there any therapist in the house cos I think my problem is not ordinary. I like stealing men. I get turned on easily when I am sl€ping with another woman’s m¢n. Be is husband or boyfriend. My girlfriends hat€d me for it.

But immediately the guy decides to breakup with his girlfriend so that we can fully go into relationship, I will loose interest in the relationship and opt out. I have sl€pt with all my friends and classmates boyfriend. Immediately see your boyfriend or husb¢nd, that desire to sl€p with him will come up.

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