It’s very dangerous to let your girlfriend have a male bestie – Blessing Okoro Spills It Out (watch)

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Nigerian relationship advisor and influencer, Blessing Okoro aka ”Blessing CEO” has advised men against allowing their girlfriend to have a guy as best friend.

She stated that there is nothing like ‘male bestie’ and it is not possible for a woman to have a platonic relationship with a man.

The founder of Makeup or Breakup urged men in serious relationships to be very careful when they learn that their partner is close to another man on the basis of friendship.

According to her, a male bestie is a man who did not have the courge to ask the lady out, so he settled for the friendzone.

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Speaking in a video, she said that when a man and woman who are just friends are left alone in a room, there is bound to be some secret intimate activity.

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