Reaction as Slay queen causes stir online with her round n.y.@.s.h photos watch (video)

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A well-known slay queen made waves online with her round nyash in popular pictures. In a few pictures, the slay queen could be seen sporting a form-fitting garment that highlighted her curves and her round nyash.

The images soon gained popularity and gained the interest of several social media users. Others questioned why she felt the need to post such images, while some commended her for her confidence.

In response to the criticism, the slay queen declared that she was happy of her physique and wanted to flaunt it.

She argued that she ought to be able to express herself without facing criticism. The images also spurred a discussion about body acceptance and how crucial it is to be at ease in one’s own skin.

In the end, the slay queen’s post served as a reminder to everyone to be proud of who they are, regardless of their size or form.

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