Wizkid’s Homecoming: Lagosians Celebrate the Arrival of the Afrobeat Legend In Styles (watch)

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The arrival of Wizkid in Nigeria has sparked much anticipation among his adoring fan base.

Wizkid has arrived in Lagos, he said on Instagram. He used the slang name for Lagos, “Eko,” to label the post.

The musician’s worldwide legion of devoted fans are overjoyed by this development, and have taken to social media to spread the good news and express their delight.

Former members of the Papaya crew who are now well known as Big Wiz in the all time things as it is
A another supporter said, “Freshhhhhhh asf.”

click to watch video👇🏽👇🏽

The emoji bomb was just dropped by Carterefe:
Blue ticked actors and musicians were seen salivating over his work.

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