“I don’t want fame again, it brings unhappiness” – Mandy Kiss prays for normal life (watch)

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Popular slay queen and social media Influencer, Mandy Kiss has prayed to God to take away her fame and return her to a life of normalcy where she can live happily.

She said the controversial behaviour she exhibits online is not who she really is, that it is people who keep provoking her to speak and act in an obnoious manner.

Mandy Kiss took to her IG page to apologise to people who admire and respect her, saying she would change her ways.

In a lengthy post, she said that the life of fame she has been exposed to has been full of troubles and dramas and she just wants to live a regular, peaceful life.

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She wrote; “Dear God I don’t want fame again, I just wanna be happy and live my private life.
I’d like to apologize to my fans or anyone that likes me concerning how I come online to reply to drags and all sort of classless fights.

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