Every Woman Has A Price, If You Form Hard To Get It’s Because Dangote Never Get Your Time” Sarah Martins watch (video)

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Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has backed former Big Brother Naija winner Whitemoney’s assertion that impoverished men are unable to make a woman happy in a relationship with a new Instagram post.

She shared the article on her Instagram page, confirming that every lady does indeed have a price.

She made it clear that any lady who is still difficult to woo is simply because a business magnate from Nigeria like Dangote never has the time to lavish her with cash.

She insisted that Whitemoney was always correct in what he said, claiming that he always spoke the truth because, in her view, money puts an end to foolishness.

She wrote,

“Every woman has a price; if you form hard to get it’s because Dangote never get your time. “Whitemoney didn’t lie, please; he was never wrong; money stops rubbish.”

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