I thought this man is sick” Bobrisky laments after a romantic night with a lover, my whole back ached watch (video)

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The latter acknowledged having stayed there in reaction to Bobrisky’s recent early Valentine’s Day gift from his secret girlfriend. He asserts that despite thinking his partner was ill, he was taken aback by his strength in bed.

The notorious transvestite known as Bobrisky, Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye, has turned to the internet to express his sadness over his lover’s unanticipated virility on a special night.

The socialite from Lagos admitted that he had stayed the night there after recently receiving an early Valentine’s Day gift from his covert lover.

He wrote;:

I’m so worn out, God knows it. It hurts all over my back. That man must be ill, I thought. He repeatedly yells, “Baby, you are sweet; I’m sleepy; it’s 4 a.m.” Next day, I’ll be running home. Damn don’t know how he was able to steal from a lady’s home. When she was discovered taking her wigs and gold jewelry out of her house while she wasn’t there, the woman she is accused of stealing from said that she had phoned the police to have her arrested. The woman admitted : Had her neighbor not been around, Yetunde might have attacked her.

Click to watch video below 👇👇👇👇👇

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