“A happy and blessed child”- Nollywood Actress Chinenye Nnebe dazzles in new photos online (watch)

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Chinenye Nnebe is fast making a name for herself in the Nigerian movie industry. The actress has successfully gathered a following for herself as a result of her acting skills. This includes the ability to fit into any role assigned to her regardless of how challenging it may appear.

Her mother, Uche Nancy has been a rock and the foundation that her daughter has built herself. Thankfully, Chinenye Nnebe has not let herself down and has even become the fan favourite of so many lovers of Nigerian films.

The thespian is enjoying the fruits of her labor and is able to pamper herself with the good life without help from anyone.

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In this her recent post shared on her Instagram page, the actress just always being a happy kind and always proud of her life.

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