Nigerian Singer Burna Slams One Singer With His Lyrics Like a st#pid h#e said she ain’t know my face (watch)

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Nigerian singer @Burna Boy fires shots at at American rapper @BIA for claiming not to know him, Wizkid, and Davido in 2021.

It seems that Burna Boy has not forgiven Bia for making this statement during a live session with Nicki Minaj.

In his recent trending song, which pays tribute to Indian rapper Sidhu Moose, Burna Boy fired shots at the rapper.

Burna Boy’s lyrics included the line: “A st#pid h#e said she ain’t know my face—Then I came to find out she was in my DM. 😂”

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Bia responded a few hours later on her Instagram account, issuing a verbal warning to Burna Boy that if he continued, she would release a diss track against him.

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