“I no wan knack again” – Nollywood Actress Shola Subair cries out, following narrow escape (watch)

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Nigerian film actress, Shola Subair has vowed never to have s33x again following a narrow escape from an avoidable fate.

The Yoruba movie actress took to her Instagram page to share her personal experience, stating that she has been very sick and feared that she might be pr3gnant.

Shola Subair revealed how worried she was and how she wasn’t prepared to get pr3gnant.

However, things took a different twist when she saw her menses this morning, an indication that she isn’t pregnant. Shola Subair then vowed never to have s33x with anyone until her wedding night.

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Blaming her hormonal changes on the UK cold, the movie star warned men to stay away from asking her out. She wrote:

“alhamdullillah robili alameen… been terribly sick lately…ahhh fear catch me, i tot i was pr3gnant … for my life I no go knack again o… I nearly developed apatenshon. the stupeed mensis jst came this morning. I feel better and relieved… I can now go bk to my slaying game.. if u toast me I go cursE u nio.”

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