“I miss my friendship with Tonto so much” – Bobrisky says as he speaks on friendship with Tonto Dikeh (video)

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He said the actress was like a big sister and adviser who always stood by him, she always stays with him and give him positive vibes all the time.

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has expressed regret over his falling out with his former best friend, actress Tonto Dikeh.

You will recall that the two were once very close friends; they were often seen together at events and parties and rocked matching outfits on social media, but they had a falling out that led to the end of their friendship.

However, about two years ago, rumors began to circulate that their friendship had hit the rocks. Some people speculated that it was due to a disagreement over money, while others suggested that it was because of the duo’s controversial lifestyle.

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Regardless of what led to their falling out, it was clear that their friendship was over. The pair blocked each other on social media and dragged each other through the mud, airing each other’s dirty laundry on several occasions.

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