“Men are dat¹ng the b0 dy while wom3n are dat1ng the pocket” – Soso Soberekon on why coupl3s are unhappy (watch)

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Nigerian talent manager, Soso Soberekon has shared his opinion on why many coupl3s are unhappy in their relationships and marr1ag3s.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the media personality asserted that many are in relationships for superficial reasons, instead of love and commitment.

According to Soso, most men are with their partners because they have bang1ng bod13s while most woman are dating their partners because they are wealthy.

Soso explained that dating for these reasons are a recipe for failure and unhappiness because marr¹@ge is not about look or financial status.

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“Nowadays, Men are dating the B00DY while wom3n are dating the POCKETS. that’s why nobody is happy.Marriage is not about looks or income.
It is a lifetime bond and an unending friendship”

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