Nollywood Actor, IK Ogbonna slams his bestie, Alex Ekubo for exposing some of their chat online (watch)

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Popular Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna has attacked his best friend and colleague, Alex Ekubo, for sharing their private chat on social media.

Alex had taken to his Instagram page on Thursday, April 19, to expose his chat with IK which started as regular football banter but quickly degenerated into a war of words between the actors.

The duo hurled 1nsults at each other as Alex is seen in the chat calling IK derogatory names like ‘swine’, ‘animal’, ‘ewu’, and so on.

However, the drama took a different turn when IK made a grammatical error and misspelt ‘once’ as ‘ones’. Alex capitalized on this mistake and brutally mocked IK.

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He also said he doubts if IK attended primary school because of his failure to spell ‘once’ correctly, and demanded for pictures of him in primary school.

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