“We’ve been marr¹ed for 15yrs!” – Obi Cubana says his w1fe will get whatever she wants for their 15th yrs wedding anniversary (watch)

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Nigerian billionaire businessman, Obinna Iyiegbu and his w1fe, Ebinna Iyiegbu are already counting down to their wedding anniversary in June.

The couple who got marr1ed traditionally on June 7th, 2008, and had their white wedding a week after, June 14, are already making preparations for their wedd1ng anniversary.

In a joint Instagram post with his w1fe, the billionaire revealed his w1fe’s heart’s desire for their wedd1ng, which is quite odd.

According to him, his w1fe wants a ball as her anniversary gift and he would gladly give it to her what she requested.

She now says she wants a ball for the 15th wedding anniversary. after that we have been dated for 2 and the half years.

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Ok, she’ll definitely get one. Planning don start like this @lush_eby my guy for life”.

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