”Future Billionaire” – Little Boy Who Went to Hawk Sits Down to Count His Money After Business, His Video Goes Viral (video)

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A viral TikTok video has shown a young boy who sat down to count his money after hawking.

The video, which reminded some people of their childhood, was posted on Wednesday, December 8, by Wum Pini.

In the short video, the young boy appeared to have finished selling his wares as he sat under a small shade to take stock


He had a few currency notes and coins in his hands, and he was counting them to know how much he made.

This clip really got many emotional. As the boy have good confidence and did a great job over trying his best to hustle and over come poverty this boy gives me joy.

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Good life & better life is all we want 😪🚶🏽‍♂️

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