“Na your mama be normal” – Actress Destiny Etiko breaks silence on her normal claim, takes a swipe at Daddy Freeze (Video)

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She went on to lash out at those spreading the rumours and labeled them as clout chasers.

Popular Nollywood actress and brand influencer, Destiny Etiko, has debunked reports of being a normal.

Recently, there were reports that she had given an interview stating that she was still a normal at the age of 33 and had never been in an intimate relationship.

“Na your mama be normal… What is this nonsense? I don’t get it… A lot of people are insensitive. A full-fledged man set ring light to discuss something he knows absolutely nothing about.”

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“No written word or an interview about normal and they are all busy with my precious name. That really shows how important and relevant I am.” She said in part.

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