I believe garri deserves more respect” – Creative ABSU student produces garri ‘garfait’ for sale, causes stir (Photos)

Emenike Maureen Nneoma, a 400-level student at Abia State University (ABSU), has achieved internet fame for the packing of garri parfait.

The garri parfait, which she called garfait, can be seen in an internet photo and is made out of garri, peanut, topping, and milk.

The 21-year-old writer and entrepreneur, who is showcasing the branded packed garri on Facebook, claimed that she was never allowed to eat garri because her parents believed, like many others, that it was a food for the underprivileged.

She went on to introduce Garfait’s ambassador in person of Divine Chidi Duke who is the President of Garri Drinkers Association (GDA), ABSU Chapter.

She said:

“I was inspired by my friend Duke, he’s the President of Garri Drinkers Association (GDA). It was a gift to him as a garri drinker. When he got it, he made a post about it on social media and People started requesting for it, that’s when I decided to add it to my snack business. He’s currently the brand ambassador of Garfait. I didn’t exactly set it up. I just gifted my friend, the next order came and I fixed it up. I’m yet to fully launch the business even though people are already patronizing.

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