Korra Obidi says, “Your children will surely see what you’re hiding from them” in new video (watch)

Korra Obidi, a well-known singer and dancer, has given some advise to her fans.

The mother of two preached on her Facebook page about the necessity for individuals to regularly visit their communities in order to dispel misconceptions and fears about rural places.

She claimed that colonial rulers who wanted to elope with abundant natural riches were responsible for instilling these concerns in people.

However, Korra Obidi included a sultry dancing video with her message, which got people talking.

She said:

What you hide from your kids, they will surely discover by themselves, and without proper guidance, probably make poor decisions.

There is so much fear around going to the VILLAGE in Nigeria. I have been to my village such few times. The concept of ‘Village People’ and how they wish you bad, do bad juju and ruin your luck is so prominent in the urban myth. This theory was ‘probably’ postulated by colonial masters who needed to elope with as many natural resources as they could.

‘There’s nothing here, go to the city’. Truth is, they lied. Stop squeezing yourselves like sardines in the concentration camps known as the ‘city’. Explore your village!

Lagos Nigeria, is so overpopulated and yet there are so many other amazing cities abandoned because of village people. Living in America has taught me that every land is what you make of it. Your unexplored village has so many priceless gems.

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