Reality Tv Star – Tega Dominic You have done nothing for your woman if you haven’t invested in her goals (watch)

Reality TV star, Tega Dominic has opined that if men haven’t helped their partners achieve a goal in their lives, then the lady has every right to stay or walk away from the relationship.

According to her, despite any material favors and generosity a guy may have given her, he should only feel fully satisfied if he has assisted her in making a great achievement.

She wrote;

“You can be with a woman for years and she will wake-up and say you have never done anything for her and she will be absolutely right.

Forget expensive trips and expensive shopping, if you haven’t influenced your woman’s life for all those years, or given her something to better her life, trust me you haven’t started anything.
Yes you can buy all that, travel 1st class, but you haven’t impacted or invested in her, again you haven’t started anything..

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