The Mavin Ayraa star, who has garnered over 132 million total streams in the US this year, is the only African artist to make the list (watch)

Billboard has named 20-year-old Nigerian singer @AyraStarr as one of the most innovative and influential young artists in the music industry in its annual 21 Under 21 list.🔥🇳🇬

This year’s 21 Under 21 package features the next generation of superstars who are savvier than ever — and know the importance of balancing nonstop careers while still maintaining at least a shred of privacy.

Billboard attributed Ayra Starr’s rise to fame on the global stage to Mavin Records’ savvy use of TikTok and Instagram. The label has been able to use these platforms to connect with a global audience and promote Ayra Starr’s music.

Congratulations Ayrastarr 👏🏿🎉

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