I don’t have to be dress in a bad way to make it in life” – Hilda Baci Defends Her Dress Sense watch (video)

Hilda Baci, a well-known chef and world record holder, has urged Nigerians to look past her appearance and instead project her ingenuity and tenacity to put Nigeria on the map of the globe.

The widespread criticism of Baci’s dressing that surfaced after her rise to popularity for aiming to break the world record in cooking prompted her to say this.

Remember how the 27-year-old chef shot to fame after trying to break the record for longest continuous cooking session by 100 hours?

Following that, a number of her old photos showing off her curves started appearing online, a situation that has since sparked conflicting opinions about her personality qualities.

She said, “I don’t have to be dressed like a nun to make it in life. One can be … and still amazing, beautiful, and smart. I shouldn’t be taken back because of my looks or dressing as this does not determine my values or endowment.”

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