DNA test reportedly reveals Mohbad is the biological father of his son Liam

An unconfirmed report circulating on social media claims that a DNA test has proven that the late singer Mohbad is the biological father of his son, Liam.

This comes a few weeks after a public outcry for a DNA test to determine the paternity of the 5-month-old boy following the singer’s sudden death.

It is worth recalling that the ‘Peace’ crooner passed away on Tuesday, September 12, after a hospital visit. However, the circumstances surrounding his death are still under investigation at the time of writing this story.

After his death, his wife and son began receiving donations from celebrities and sympathizers, which prompted some individuals, led by the controversial internet personality Very Dark Man, to demand a DNA test to verify the boy’s paternity before further donations were made.

This sparked a huge debate online at the time, with some supporting the DNA test and others criticizing those advocating for it, as it indirectly implied infidelity on the part of the singer’s wife.

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