Money Is Working Smoothly – Cross dresser Bobrisky sparks reactions over visit to his aged grandma

Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, a famous Nigerian crossdresser, has sparked a stir online with his appearance to see his grandma.

The crossdresser proudly wore female apparel to see his elderly grandma, who was unimpressed with his appearance.

He mentioned that his maternal grandmother had asked him to one of her Ikorodu family gatherings. At first, Bob considered declining the invitation due to concerns about the safety of his expensive gold jewelry, which he frequently wears to gatherings.

@Savãge Eacobae wrote, “The way the woman dey smile cause she confuse somehow. She no come know if na Idris dey spray her money or na Idrisiana

@Orethaaa wrote, “Grandma ti gba kaamu (meaning she has accepted her fate)

@We Outside wrote, “Mama was like “Shey Idris ree Sha

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