Mohbad’s wife did not allow him to take care of me — Mohbad’s father speaks

Mohbad’s father has come out to make more jaw-breaking revelations, stating his intense dislike for his daughter-in-law, Wunmi.

The father of the late musician had come out recently to accuse Wunmi of using black magic to control his son until he died.

Today, he claimed Wunmi only made sure he took care of her and her family, buying properties in her name and forcing Mohbad to neglect his own father.

Explaining the significance of the white cloth Wunmi threw into Mohbad’s grave, he said it meant that she had covered him and now Mohbad could no longer expose her.

However, when he complained about Mohbad’s unwillingness to provide for him because of Wunmi, her father blocked him.

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