“What happened to privacy” — Phyna asks as she deletes videos from photographer who kept making videos of her in Church

Popular Reality TV star, Phyna, questions the need for privacy as she deletes videos of herself from church photographer who kept making videos of her during service.

The Ex-BBN housemate who attended the Sunday service at an undisclosed church questioned her followers in a tweet if she was right for how she went about it.

What I did in church today I want to know if I did right ….
So while worshipping there came this lady that almost videoed my intestines, this lady had to back the Altar to video me and then I waved at her and told her to come closer she came i asked if I could use her phone to make the video she said yes,

and I deleted the videos of me she’s been making, gave her the phone back and told her not to video me again, during worship not praises… what happened to PRIVACY phyna everywhere chineke mo”

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