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SHANNON SHARPE is facing the wrath of fans of Beyoncé because of her hot take on Taylor Swift

Shannon Sharpe has angered Beyoncé’s fans after he took a hot shot at the renaissance star and Taylor Swift.Speaking with former NFL player Chad Ochocinco on his Nightcap show, Sharpe discussed Swift’s recent appearances at NFL games in support of her boyfriend Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sharpe read a report on Swift’s financial impact on the Chiefs and how he helped generate $300 million in additional revenue for the team.He then argued that no other artist could influence the league in this way, and Ochocinco suggested that Beyoncé could do it.

Sharpe replied: “Not like this. Beyoncé ain’t moving the needle like this chick.”

He added: “The NFL can have anybody do halftime, I guarantee Taylor Swift is first.”

Sharpe then claimed that Swift turned down the opportunity to headline the Super Bowl halftime show which this year sees Usher perform from Las Vegas.

The comments did not sit well with fans of Beyoncé.

Some argued that Queen Bey would generate the same kind of attention if she was dating an NFL star, with one person commenting: “If Beyoncé was single and dating cam newton or an Odell in thier prime definitely would have moved the needle.”

Another said: “Now Unc I’m with you when you’re right but if Beyonce was with an NFL player she would’ve moved the needle just like Taylor if not further!”

Sharpe was defended by some, with one user writing: “Shannon right nobody moving needles like Taylor.”

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